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Environmental Control

Our selection of environmental control units allows you to precisely regulate oxygen content, humidity, CO2 concentration, pH, and temperature. This gives you the power to change the atmospheric condition of sample measurement, insulate highly reactive materials or keep cells alive longer, and do more groundbreaking research.


Park NX10 GloveBox

Our Park NX10 GloveBox provides you with a controlled atmosphere for samples that are sensitive to oxygen and water vapor. Atmosphere of the chamber can be carefully controlled for humidity and oxygen concentration. In other words, it enables you to precisely regulate the humidity and oxygen concentration within the chamber for your studies.


Environmental-ChamberPark NX10 GloveBox

Environmental-Chamber-nx10Park NX10 GloveBox


Specifications :

Dimension: 810(L) x 625(D) x 710(H)mm
Weight: 50Kg
Working pressure range: -12 mbar to +12 mbar from ambient pressure
Working gas: Air, Ar, N2
Humidity control range: 20 ~ 80% (± 5%) (typical)

Humidity Control System

Our humidity control system gives you unparalleled control over the humidity levels of your sample’s environment, allowing you to create extremely low to very high humidity conditions.


Specifications :

Controller humidity control range: 20% to 80%

MBraun GloveBox

Park NX12 MBraun GloveBox

Specifications :

Dimension: 1,250 (L) x 780 (D) x 900 (H)mm
Weight: 530 kg
Working pressure range: -15 mbar to +15 mbar from ambient pressure
Working gas: N2, Ar, He

*For NX10, NX12

Live Cell Chamber

Our live cell chamber creates the ideal environment for studying live biological samples. The chamber's temperature, humidity, and pH control functions allow you to extend the life of a cell when you need to take measurements over a long period of time.


Specifications :

Temperature control: RT - 60 °C (0.1 °C stability)
Incorporated with gas mixer and humidity controller